Thursday, September 27, 2007

Syria travels

Hi All
So far seven want email, three do not and one person I may cross paths with in Damascus. Due to a few request from the no column I created a blog page that will take my emails and add them to a web page. It will even handle pictures.

I also for got to ask who wants post cards and what address should I send them to?

For the security services note there is a code in the original message and all emails. Just take every other letter and rearrange them to into something spelling something completely different. Extra letters are par for the course.

Of course after this trip I may be driving to Mexico or Canada for future flights. The TB guy did teach us something useful in avoiding the no fly list.

Please note I will be avoiding Eastern Syria as I could be invited to participate in a video. As the videos seam to lack any new and original thought in their redundant plot I do not think I should participate. On the other hand these vidios do get a lots of air time. But no, I am all for new and original ideas in movies and I will hold out on my lofty artistic principles.

Love & Kisses,

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