Sunday, June 30, 2019


Ride up to the train station. Small horde of tourist exiting the train.  Trail over the mountain is very narrow and on steep hill side. So I go for a 4 minute train ride that dumps me in rain and thunder storm on the other side. I hide in the small station till the storm passes.  Grabbing lunch out of bags is challenging in the driving rain.  Start down in rain looking for camp for an early day.  Find a spot above a cliff to camp.

Love and kisses



Distance 20.1 Miles / Total Time 6:32 / Time of Day 14:55 / Average Moving Speed 6.5 / Average Speed 3.1 / Moving Time 3:05 / Stop Time 3:27 / Max Speed 31.3 / Temperature 55F / Max Temp 70F / Min Temp 55F / Ascent 1250 ft / Current Elevation 1850 / Max Elevation 3088 ft / 


That lower branch is going to give me trouble

Saturday, June 29, 2019



Glorious ride up rough road. Great country took lots of pictures.  The road runs parallel to the train tracks.  Train is advertised as the scenic railroad.  Old tracks run outside and new tracks run underground and through snow sheds.  So the riders of the train get 3 to 5 second views of the countryside before going back into the darkness.  It does keep the train running through in the winter.  The old tracks for the scenic ride lay abandon.  Cycling get better views.  Then there were a few snow crossings adding to the adventure.

Love and kisses


Sunny headwind

Distance 29.1 Miles / Total Time 10:12 / Time of Day 19:17 / Average Moving Speed 4.5 / Average Speed 2.8 / Moving Time 6:29 / Stop Time 3:45 / Max Speed 17.6 / Temperature 69F / Max Temp 69F / Min Temp 46F / Ascent 2255 ft / Current Elevation 2891 / Max Elevation 4396 ft /