Saturday, June 15, 2019


Time to work my way north a bit. Up a little then down the switch backs into a valley. Now it is time to climb slowly over the next ridge. Down to Seljordsvtnet fjord to look for the creature that lies beneath. Resupply then up and up some more climbing out of the valley. After a good sweat I come to a lake and am on the wrong side. Crossing the dam and a short carrying of the bike I am on the right road. Not too much further and I spot a place to camp. Rain starts just after everything is in the tent. ;-)  It was a sunny day with evening rain.
Love and kisses
Distance 31.4 Miles / Total Time 10:17 / Time of Day 20:31 / Average Moving Speed 5.7 / Average Speed 3.0 / Moving Time 5:31 / Stop Time 4:47 / Max Speed 29.6 / Temperature 63F / Max Temp 79F / Min Temp 53F / Ascent 3924 ft / Current Elevation 2251 / Max Elevation 2272 ft / 


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