Friday, June 7, 2019



Climb further and cross the high country. Repair air mattress. Drop into ford and wait for ferry. Find a local ferry runs only an hour wait. Adjust brakes as rear brakes are not stopping the bike in a timely fashion. The ride down to the fjord was a bit faster trip than I wanted.  No room on ferry for a waiting car. My bike is parked on front ramp of ferry. Ferry zips up fjord stopping quickly at small villages of second homes. At the top of the fjord depart and ride past a long line of cars and camper vans four times the small ferry can carry. Road switchbacks up the cliffs to the top. First part is through a kilometre loop tunnel, then the endless switchbacks. I only stop to take pictures which take a long time to setup. It is amazing that I catch my breath in about the same time.  At the top watch paragliding jump off the cliff.  To me there seems to be to many transmission lines for gliding down through. A bit more climbing to finding a place to camp.

Love & Kisses


Clear day

Distance 35.3 Miles / Total Time 11:49 / Time of Day 20:47 / Average Moving Speed 5.5 / Average Speed 3.0 / Moving Time 6:21 / Stop Time 5:28 / Max Speed 32.3 / Temperature 61F / Max Temp 71F / Min Temp 51F / Ascent 4586 ft / Current Elevation 2912 / Max Elevation 2935 ft / 

Just need to run to the top.

Kilometer long tunnel and still a long way to the top

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