Friday, March 31, 2023

Colombia 3-31-2023

Take a rest day in El Cocuy.  

Map of the following peaks

Next bit is over a 13500 ft pass and we hoped to camp near the top.  Starting late gets us near the top in the late afternoon and have a good camp spot.  A bit of rain comes just as the tent is up.  Once the rain is past dinner is prepared and finished quickly. 

The high mountain areas have a unique flora and are call Paramo.  Also known for its high humidity and rainfall it gets.  


We warm with the climb over the pass and much of the day is spent descending down the bumpy road. Ended the day climbing to Cheva.

Love and Kisses 


Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Colombia 3-28-2023


Descending from town to Rio Chicamocha allows us to spend the rest of the day climbing 5000+ feet.  La Uvita is a nicely painted town we passed through.  We end up camping in front of a school.

The bull fighting ring

Getting an early start before anyone arrives at school.  We ride into San Metao and then ride over another wee hill to Guacamayas. 


Guacamayas is another colorful town and known for their baskets.  Another day we climb up to El Cocuy.  We decide not to go into the park and do any climbing on Colombians Higher peaks.  Permits, guides and insurance are required to enter the park.  

The Honey King

Yes there is an official bike routes

Love and Kisses