Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Colombia 3-21-2023

 Now that we have done one day of hill climbing on the trip we are ready to do serious hill climbing.  Heading to Zapatoca we start out our second day of climbing by descending down to the Rio Sogamoto and then doing the 6000 foot climb up the other side.  We camp for the first time on a farm not wishing to climb any further today.

On the right road
Cactus Garden

Zapatoca is on top of that wee hill
The road ahead


Another 4 miles and 700 ft of climbing and we are in Zapatoca a charming town.  We decide to have a rest day here.  We are handling the heat better with only a fan.  Thank the many gods for A/C in the flats.

Each meter has its own original art

Cooking (no shoes no service)

Leaving Zapatoca it is a long bouncing dirt road down, with climbs out of each of drainages we cross.  Then down to the Rio Sogamoto again.  The assent to Barichara is not too bad in the near 100F degree temperature and 4800 feet of ascent.  

Church sides were open to grapevine covered courtyards 

Leaving Barichara  we take a back way to avoid the main road traffic that became more pushing as the grade keep going up at a pitch that was beyond our current riding abilities.  Late start and hot day did not help.  It was a relief when we reached the ridge top.   First place when we made the main road we relaxed with cold drinks.  Then drop in the busy city of San Gil.  I picked up a new chain as my chain is already showing wear.  We ended up in an active hostel late into the night.

Love and Kisses


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