Saturday, March 25, 2023

Colombia 3-25-2023


A bit tired and an early start we head up another dirt road as an alternative to the main road 64.  This route we are following has a better pitch than the one from the day before.  This is the Oh-Boyaca bike packing route that someone else worked out the route.  We will be following the near 375 mile route generally for a while.  After only a few wrong turns we summit the pass and I take the time to change out my bikes chain.   Then we bounce down the other side to the main road and ride on into Mogotes.  We are still staying in hotels as the road has endless fences along it.  The town has some interesting revolutionary statues.

Chain replacement

Leaving Mogote on highway 64 I think the pavement would return outside the municipality, it did not.    A 3000 foot climb and then decent with an additional 1000 foot climb that brings us to Onzaga.  We find a very nice hotel to stay at and able to cook our own meals. The hills have been work but not feeling that we have over done it.

Riding from Onzaga we are climbing again no surprise.  After ascending 2000 feet to over 8000 feet we get to go down a 1000 feet.  This was just so we could climb again to over 8000 feet.  We spot an unfenced field where we can camp.  So we get our first wild camp of the trip.

Morning brings a 1500 ft climb with a search for water.  I see palm trees growing at over 8500 ft.  Then a long decent into Soata.

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Shtunkie said...

Looks great Steve. It won't stop raining and snowing here. Doesn't look like the Via will open early May. 😭