Friday, April 28, 2023

Colombia 4-28-2023


Time to leave Bogotá and our great host.  A bike messenger helps lead us across and out of town.  We follow the Rio Bogotá which is a nice downhill.  The Rio foams and smells from the output of Bogotá.   We stay at a nice farm on a steep hill.

We keep looking for this wildlife but no luck

It is easy riding down and me leading us on a wrong turn.  Ten miles later we are in Carmen de Apicala for the night.  The heat has returned as we once again drip sweat.


No easy back roads to get us back on course so back the way we came to get to Purficacion.  The road turns to dirt as our bike ride seeks Purficacion.  Lots of dump trucks with their dust along the route as we sweat from the heat.  Finally we reach Purficacion and get a hotel.


Back on dirt roads heading south.  Still hot as we reach the highway and head into Natagaima

Back on highway again for a while and then on to dirt.  Tire tube goes after a river crossing.  With 5 patches and a seam tear I replace the tube.  Then on to Villavieja

Love and Kisses


Sunday, April 23, 2023

Colombia 4-23-2023 Bogota


My leg has an infection that I am trying to treat.  Take a political walking tour of Bogota and M-19 is protesting in the plaza.  When they were an armed group, they held hostage many in the Palace of Justice just on the side of this plaza.  When the tanks were brought in the siege ended very bloody.  We also went to the Museum del Ore where we decided that large gold nose rings were not our style.

Another day and we toured to the botanical garden.

Day 3 in Bogota doing another walking tour with lots of street art and culture of Colombia.  Then we toured an art museum where the fat lady could sing. 


Day 4 in Bogota we rested.  I did finally find a thorn/splinter in my infected leg wound.  Hope I got it all.

Day 5 Bogata

It is Sunday and some main streets are closed to cars and bikes can cruise.  So we are out cruising town with some good eats.

Love and Kisses