Saturday, April 15, 2023

Colombia 4-15-2023


Leave Florian and ride down to the bottom of the canyon.  Then it is a climb up the other side.  In Bricno we can not find a hotel.  Kids show us the way to the hotel through a garage under construction.


We read that the road was washed out and we checked with the local police.  They indicated the road was fixed.  Taking the advice from a local we take the alternate route.  That turned out to be the best course as we found the road was still washed out.  More climbing for the day.  Found a camp when we finally got over the ridge.

This is where the road should have fixed.

First five miles is up 1400 ft.  Then over the ridge and into the valley.  The valley is flat with a paved road and lots of traffic.  Find a back road and forest where we can camp near a coal mine.

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