Thursday, May 31, 2012


Thanks to Anne Maria and Regis I have laundry cloths and good food in my belly.  Started out heading south and then I looked at my maps.  So I ended up going north east around the south end of Geneva.  I was going to head over some more hills but ended up saying in the valleys.  My home mortgage was going for closing so I wanted to be close to the internet connection encase I was needed.  I got a new mortgage taking two points off the old one.  Thanks Bill for signing my name to papers that indenture me for the next 30 years to the capitalist system.
50.6 miles, 6:37 minutes moving, Max Speed 37.0, Moving Average 7.6, 
 Stop Time 12.04, Overall Average Speed 2.7,   Start8:30 and 19:00  Accent 1742 Feet  Some thunderheads but no rain.

Love & Kisses

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Regis offer to drive me into Geneva.  This was different after riding the bike everywhere.  It would be good to get some walking in.  As I walked through Geneva I remember why I liked my bike so much.  A mile was 15 minutes instead of 4 minutes.  Apple replaced my iPod touch for $100 as it had impact modifications, but was still running.  Then I was checking out travel book shops.  I ended up buying tape to keep blisters from getting big on my feet.   I have two rolls of tape back on the bike which I have not needed.  This walking sucks compared to riding my bike, but I need to do more as I am out of shape for long hikes.   Camera did not make it into the backpack.  So no mileage and no pics.

Love & Kisses

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Riding fast

So Geneva is at that end.
A couple of slugs moved into the bedroll.  Took awhile removing slime trails.  There were rolling hills to ride through in the morning.  I had moved from chalet to chateaux country.  It was a quick 40 miles around Lac Lemon to Geneva.  After making an appointment at the apple store for my iPod, I was off to visit Maria Ann and Regis that I worked with in California. 
84.9 miles, 8:56 minutes moving, Max Speed 56.2???, Moving Average 9.5, 
 Stop Time 4:04, Overall Average Speed 6.5,   Start 6:00 and 18:30  Accent 2274 Feet  Clear and hot

Love & Kisses

Monday, May 28, 2012

Oh it is a Holiday


Yes it is done with mirrors

With a dawn start it was a bit cool on the ride into Grindelwald.  Got my croissant fix and coasted into Interloken.  In Interloken I thought about picking up a sandwich for later.  I did not, which was a bad move as I found out as I went through town after town that it was a holiday and everything was closed.  The bike route got a little to scenic for me so I took the main road.  In one campground I tried they were charging 33% tax on top of the high fee.  I rode on.  Night came on and I found a mountain bike trail that had a nice forest to camp in.
86.3 miles, 11:22 minutes moving, Max Speed 35.2, Moving Average 8.5, 
 Stop Time 5:35, Overall Average Speed 5.7,   Start 06:00 and 24:00  Accent 4830 Feet  Nice day

Love & Kisses

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Yes you must go down to get to the other side.

Glad I could go around .... Wrong

I was on the other side

So why are the passes closed

Started the day with a short trip into town where I found internet, a plug off the back of the local facilities, and a park bench just in reach of the plug.  Sorry no picture, Dave.  So after spending sometime updating my blog, I headed up the hill.  Found a sign warning it was a 14% grade.  At the top I was happy I did not drop into the town below as the road stayed near the top.   I was wrong I wanted to drop straight down and up the other side.  I could have grab a lift in the gondola to the top of the water fall, but I took the road up and up.  As night approached I found a nice camp near the top of the pass. 
Grosse Scheidegg
20.4 miles, 4:19 minutes moving, Max Speed 25.0, Moving Average 4.7, 
 Stop Time 3:25, Overall Average Speed 2.6,   Start 10:30 and 21:30  Accent 4445 Feet  Low clouds in morning with partly cloudy in the evening with thunder on the pass. 

Love & Kisses

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Trip around Lake Luzern

So I was faced with a choice of going 4k through a very active tunnel or going a bit longer way around the lake.  I went for the longer way.  Nice ride around the lake.  In Luzern I did not try to ride across their fame foot bridge as there might be a local with the tourist jumping to get out of my way.  When I met up with the other route found it was only 36k to my 56 miles taking the other way around.  I did not feel converting the 36k to miles would make me happy.  Road a bit more to find a camp ground.
70.1 miles, 7:54 minutes moving, Max Speed 47.1, Moving Average 8.9, 
 Stop Time 3:45, Overall Average Speed 6.0,   Start 09:30 and 21:00  Accent 2821 Feet  Another sunny day

Love & Kisses

Friday, May 25, 2012


So just need to get to the base of that mountain

Fun ride ahead

I'll take the old road

I started up the pass with it hot and me hoping for a breeze.  Having not specifying the direction of the breeze it kept changing when I finally got the breeze half way up the pass, cooling my wet tee shirt.  At the top there was snow at Oberalpass.  Then I hit the tunnel that was a couple of kilometer and like an ice box.  You would think it was covered with snow.  Okay it was covered in snow.  It was a nice ride down into Andermatt.  There I found out the next pass was closed.  My second choice was also close.  And if I made it around then the pass after that was closed.  So I could go back to Italy or head into the center of Switzerland.  I went for the center.  With a quick ride down the canyon I then realized that the base of the mountain I was headed for was half way.  So I found campground at around 10. 
59.7 miles, 7:46 minutes moving, Max Speed 33.2, Moving Average 7.6, 
 Stop Time 4:07, Overall Average Speed 5.0,   Start 10:30 and 22:00, Accent 4279 Feet, Sunny day.

Love & Kisses