Thursday, May 3, 2012

And then..

Just a little assembly required
In London my two hour layover quickly passes and I am off to Rome.  Here I find sleep option unavailable with the two year old working on expanding her lung capacity as her brother covered his ears.  Where is the duct tape when you need it,  In Rome airport I find my panniers, and wait by the door for oversized luggage I was directed to.  After a good while someone goes through the door and I ask about the bike.  He sends me to the other end of the luggage area where I find my bike outside a different door.  After loosing an hour waiting for luggage it only takes me an hour to get the bike reassembled and I am off.  The bike is not handling well as there is to much weight in the front bags as they were packed for the plane travel,  I need to wrestle the handle bars to keep the bike straight.  This is lots of fun as I ride with the good Italian traffic as I see no bike route.  The highway has double guard rails to ensure that I will not go over the guardrail if I am hit.  As I ride I am not sure of where I am staying or going.  Then I see a sign for camping, and head down that highway.  Glad that they don't cover any extra ground with pavement as the cars work there way around me, Needed to put on a headlight as my tail light was only covering my ass.    End up at the coast with no sign of a campground.  Went to the GPS which froze up calculating the way to the nearest campground after a few reboots it is working again.  The guy at the campground tells me to camp to the right as the Poles are on the left are quite loud.  I collapse into my tent for sleep.  I awake to sing near by in the middle of the night.  They cannot keep me up for long.
10.5 Miles, 58 minutes moving, Max Speed 23,  Moving Average 10.6,  Stop Time 20 Minutes, Overall Average Speed 7.5,   Start 20:30 End 21:00  Accent 110 Feet  Clear with a cool sea breeze.

Love & kisses


Cinderella Servranckx said...

Hi Steve

Cinderella Servranckx said...

You've made it to Rome! Very well done. Did you have to drive over the highway to get out of the city? Is your bike now driving balanced? Oh, about the campings, how much is an average night on those Italian campgrounds and do you wake up very early each morning or was this just because of the noisy neighbours? You slept deeply anyway, so enough sleep for you. Where you heading now? Ah, well, will read that here, I am happy to follow you here, so I do travel a little as well. Today I am off to my last workday for the coming period : ) I am now, for the first time loading my panniers, to see how much I collected and if it fitt well. Oh Steve, do eat good, not only pizza's, hahahaha, good fule I imagine but there must be so much more gooooooood food in Italy! Like icecream, or doesn't that count as food?! Enjoy your ride : )
Regards Cindy