Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The gods can be kind

Get an early start to the day with cool mist in the valley.  I can see house across the valley from my camping spot.  It is up hill first thing and my legs prefer a slower warm up.  When the sun finally hits me I stop to eat and soak in the heat.  Then there is more to climb.  There are just hills today. I stopped at an old picnic area to dry the gear from the early morning start. Find a nice café for lunch and tell them I am a vegetarian.  They bring me pasta, and then there is salad with quiche, chips and spinach pastry as sides.  It is a good place to let the cook choose.  Then there were a few more hills.  I spotted a good place to camp, but it sounded like a kennel near by.  I went on and it was a kennel, so I headed down to a town that listed a campground on the map.  Could not see any sign of a camp ground when I got to the town.  I asked and was told there was no campground.  The maps around town showed the town had a camp ground.  I ask again and this shop owner confirmed that there was no campground.  But then then suggested going up the hill and pointed to the pilgrimage sign.  I went up the hill and there was a church with no one around.  I looked around and saw no signs.  As the church has a little influence in the area I decide not to pitch my tent in the church yard.  As I was leaving a padre was heading out to his car and called me over.  He indicated in good Italian I should camp in the church yard.  It was a very quiet place and I thanked the right gods. 

Badia Tedalda church yard
40.5 Miles, 6:30 Moving Time, Max Speed 34.0,  Moving Average 6.2,  Stop Time 6:34, Overall Average Speed 4.6,   Start 6:30 and 20:30  Accent 3784 Feet  Light rain in the morning with thunder head clouds all day.
Love & Kisses

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Cinderella Servranckx said...

Oh, you silly, the first thing I got to learn about wild camping is always ask, also at a church or missionpoint. And guess who learned me this ; ) Steve!

What was your breakfast this day? No climbing on empty stomach, I hope?