Friday, May 11, 2012

GPS helps

I started late as I was finishing the blog with some picture and such. Nice ride across the marshes turned farm land. I took the recommend ride around a large lake. Then started north and wanted to make good time as it was flat farm land. I tried using the GPS to optimize the route. It came up with 25 mile route to a town to the north I made it in 11 miles. Tried it again and it gave 14 mile route which I made in 7. I think it is set on wandering mode. As evening is coming on The GPS shows bike routes out to and up the coast that will take me near camping. Near night fall the GPS is directing me across a virtual bridge. There are no bridges in the region. I cannot stop or I will be drained as the marsh comes alive. Glad I have my yellow fever shot. I bike the seven miles back to the nearest town and then need to find bridges north that are not on the Freeway that does not allow bikes. I slowly find a route north and to a campground at 12:30 at night. The security takes my passport and takes me a quarter mile across the campground to a spot to camp. Ten minutes later I am in my ten asleep.

112 miles, 10:07 minutes moving, Max Speed 24.7, Moving Average 11.1, Stop Time 3:02, Overall Average Speed 8.5, Start 11:0 and 00:30 Accent 1114 Feet Sunny warm day in the 80ies

Love & Kisses

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