Sunday, May 13, 2012

Is it cold and wet or just me

I am up with the crack of dawn as the camp is on a trail.  I pack in the rain then ride.  After 10 miles I find bike path with a snow shed covering part of it and hang out there.  Stopping just makes me cold so I push on.  I see lighter sky ahead through the rain.  The rain stops but I am not catching up to the lighter sky.  Then I see blue sky.  Only another hour of riding I find a bit of sun light.  I find some trail side tables and dry the tent and gear.  I push on and fnd there is camping in the area.  Working the various campgrounds down the road I find one for 9 Euros compared to the 21 the first camp wanted.  Setup camp early and start to read.  I wake for a late diner and then more sleep.
Lago di Caldonzzo
49.7 miles, 6:09 minutes moving, Max Speed 24.6, Moving Average 8.1, 
 Stop Time 10.02, Overall Average Speed 3.1,   Start 6::00 and 15:30  Accent 1528 Feet  Sunny warm day with a bit of wind.

Love & Kisses

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