Sunday, May 20, 2012

And another one starts

My compatriot for this trip starts today.  She is the reason I am off the couch and riding.  Cindy asked if I wanted to cross the Sahara and I said sure.  She is riding for a cause and you can read about it on her blog  She is starting from her home in Netherlands and I will meet her somewhere along the way.  Yes more solid planning.

I started the day continuing down the valley.  Then I turned north with the bike route going up and down the hill sides and then crossing the narrow valley again and again.  I went to the road.  At times I was going faster than the cars on the Autobahn.  That was with me going up hill.  Ok the Autobahn is not fast on a Sunday afternoon with the Germans and Austrians trying to get home.  Then I made it to Austria.and it started to rain on the top of the pass.  I asked about a hostel and was directed to a town14k away.  They said it was only twenty minutes and they were right.  Ok about the time, but not about the hostel.  So I headed to Innsbruck and the cars can wait as I take the full road making turns at good speed.  I go for the camping option again. 
76.7 miles, 7:56 minutes moving, Max Speed 33.2, Moving Average 9.6, 
 Stop Time 2:42, Overall Average Speed 7.1,   Start 10:00 and 20:30  Accent 3921 Feet  Cloads then rain on the pass.

Love & Kisses

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