Saturday, May 12, 2012

Will they let me go

So after the long night ride I am ready to go at 9:30.  At the entrance I need to take a number.  There incoming numbers and outgoing numbers and other numbers I am not sure about.  They call out the numbers in Italian which are not high in my vocabulary.  In short I have my passport and out the gate at 11:00.  I work my way around the canals and arrive to see the ferry just leaving after a quick 20 miles.  Another is in just an hour.  I am riding the line of Islands that line the lagoon Venice is in.   Catching ferries from one to the next.  At Venice the place is not bike friendly so I move on.  Do not go on the Gondola ride with the bike.  I do not care what the rumors are.  The bike and I are just friends.  With camping over priced I decide to head for the hills.  As dark is upon me I am at the last city at the base of the mountains.  I head up into the hills place here is for caravans only.  I see lights of a thunderstorm in the hills.  A the first drops of rain start to fall I spot a trail I might camp on.  I spend to much time checking out the area so that five minutes earlier I would not be in my tent soaked from the rain.
Rosolina Mare
83.5 miles, 8:41 minutes moving, Max Speed 23.5, Moving Average 9.6, 
 Stop Time 3:48, Overall Average Speed 6.7,   Start 09::30 and 00:30  Accent 1034 Feet  Sunny warm day till the rain.

Love & kisses

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