Monday, May 7, 2012

Yes, you can dry out riding the bike

Morning brings only light rain.  As there are no faculties I pack wet and find the toilet in town.  A little food and I am off to Cortona.  I do not run up to the town as I was there last year.  I follow a bike path I know of up the valley to Arezzo.  Stopped on the path and spent abit of time drying gear.  See some of the walled old city.  As evening sets in I head to the hills and near dark I find a good spot to wild camp.  As there are thorn bushes everywhere so I sleep on a Boulder.  In the middle of the night my bag falls off the rock, then my pillow, after that I fall of the boulder.onto the bike.  As I get out of the mess I wake up and find I am still on the boulder, but the other things have fallen.  I go back to sleep and will get them in the morning.

Wild Camping near Chiaveretto
55.2 Miles, 6:56 Moving Time, Max Speed 34.2 ?,  Moving Average ?,  Stop Time 8:11, Overall Average Speed ?,   Accent 1198 Feet  Light rain in the morning with thunder head clouds all day.
Love & Kisses

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Cinderella Servranckx said...

Steve, do you have a pair of rain trousers with you? I will not tke them with me.... only a jacket and shoe covers... wonder what you took with you?