Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weather turned a bit

The rain started before sunrise.  I should have covered the saddle.  Pack during a break in the rain.  After a quick meal in town I climb out of this old volcano.  Yes the lakes in this region are in old volcanoes.  Just a few light rain showers as I work my way through the hills.  Avoid some heavy rain in a bus shelter.  Find lunch at 5 and the rain has picked up.  Only twenty miles to the lago were there is a camp ground.  In the driving rain I push on.  Drivers hurry past to get their cars out of the rain.  They do try to wash the mud off me that the car before sprayed me with.  I find a caravan parking area and take high ground which is a few inches above the rest of the parking area that is a lagoon.  An hour later I have most of the water off me and the gear.  Part of the sleeping bag got wet, so it was cool damp night.  But for some reason I fell asleep quickly.  You should feel sorry for me as I am biking in Tuscany

Lago di Castogione
56.8 Miles, 7:18 Moving Time, Max Speed 34.2,  Moving Average 7.8,  Stop Time 4:39, Overall Average Speed 4.7,   Accent 3665 Feet  Rain and more rain, buckets of rain
Love & Kisses

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