Thursday, May 31, 2012


Thanks to Anne Maria and Regis I have laundry cloths and good food in my belly.  Started out heading south and then I looked at my maps.  So I ended up going north east around the south end of Geneva.  I was going to head over some more hills but ended up saying in the valleys.  My home mortgage was going for closing so I wanted to be close to the internet connection encase I was needed.  I got a new mortgage taking two points off the old one.  Thanks Bill for signing my name to papers that indenture me for the next 30 years to the capitalist system.
50.6 miles, 6:37 minutes moving, Max Speed 37.0, Moving Average 7.6, 
 Stop Time 12.04, Overall Average Speed 2.7,   Start8:30 and 19:00  Accent 1742 Feet  Some thunderheads but no rain.

Love & Kisses

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