Friday, May 25, 2012


So just need to get to the base of that mountain

Fun ride ahead

I'll take the old road

I started up the pass with it hot and me hoping for a breeze.  Having not specifying the direction of the breeze it kept changing when I finally got the breeze half way up the pass, cooling my wet tee shirt.  At the top there was snow at Oberalpass.  Then I hit the tunnel that was a couple of kilometer and like an ice box.  You would think it was covered with snow.  Okay it was covered in snow.  It was a nice ride down into Andermatt.  There I found out the next pass was closed.  My second choice was also close.  And if I made it around then the pass after that was closed.  So I could go back to Italy or head into the center of Switzerland.  I went for the center.  With a quick ride down the canyon I then realized that the base of the mountain I was headed for was half way.  So I found campground at around 10. 
59.7 miles, 7:46 minutes moving, Max Speed 33.2, Moving Average 7.6, 
 Stop Time 4:07, Overall Average Speed 5.0,   Start 10:30 and 22:00, Accent 4279 Feet, Sunny day.

Love & Kisses

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