Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Riding fast

So Geneva is at that end.
A couple of slugs moved into the bedroll.  Took awhile removing slime trails.  There were rolling hills to ride through in the morning.  I had moved from chalet to chateaux country.  It was a quick 40 miles around Lac Lemon to Geneva.  After making an appointment at the apple store for my iPod, I was off to visit Maria Ann and Regis that I worked with in California. 
84.9 miles, 8:56 minutes moving, Max Speed 56.2???, Moving Average 9.5, 
 Stop Time 4:04, Overall Average Speed 6.5,   Start 6:00 and 18:30  Accent 2274 Feet  Clear and hot

Love & Kisses

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