Saturday, May 5, 2012

Slow day

I spent the morning on the internet updating blog and providing ideas for the well that is acting up.  A few mile into town to get the first meal of the day.  Then the hill climb from the lago.  Today I cannot climb hills and am at almost crawling up the hill.  Not eating right and dehydration maybe the problem.  I push on slowly.  A trio of dogs approach me as I climb slowly with one little one trained on my ankle.  It moves around for a good rear approach.  As soon as I hope off the bike the spell is broken and he moves on.  Next lago there is a camp that I would have stopped at but it is a naturalist camp.  Where guy how may have looked good in there Speedos 30 years ago are net even wearing them.  This is not the crowd to watch playing volleyball.  Also you need to be a member and For some reason I never joined.  Climbing up from this Lago Vico is another crawl.  I make it to Viterbo and realize that it is Saturday and I must buy food for tomorrow, also it 10 more mile to find nearest camping at Lago Di Bolsena.  The water has helped and I can make better speed which is good as it late evening leaving Viterbo.  I make it to camp after dark with only one near miss with a car head on.

54.7 Miles, ? minutes moving, Max Speed 33.7,  Moving Average 7.7,  Stop Time 3:00 Minutes, Overall Average Speed 5.1,   Start 11:00 End 22:00  Accent 3763 Feet  Sunny warm day

Love & Kisses

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Cinderella Servranckx said...

Sometimes it's a pitty my imagination is that good... old man playing volleyball naked is not very appealing....