Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Snow where did that come from

I woke to find a bit of a change.  It was nice that I was camped just below the snow line.  Then I was off to find my morning croissant before heading up to my first pass into the snow covered pass.  I was a bit cool on the way up and the clouds did not help.  On the top of the pass the cooling breeze had me digging out the gloves and all my layers.  As I was cruising down the other side the road forked into two dirt roads with no signs.  I choose badly as I drop into dark forested ravine.  I came to some forks in the road with signs and realized I had chosen the wrong road.  I could work my up to the other road so I headed that way.  Also saw that there was good potential for camping as the area was not populated.  Looking up I spotted a nice knoll that I could camp on and not have anyone running across me.  Also leaving the road I picked a way around the snow that did not leave much evidence of my passing.  Found a nice meadow with no snow on it to camp.  Other than the cold forcing me to head for the sleeping bag right after diner the place was great.
St Cristin
14.6 miles, 3:47 minutes moving, Max Speed 27.3, Moving Average 3.9, 
 Stop Time 3:39, Overall Average Speed 2.0,   Start 9:30 and 18:00  Accent 3419 Feet  Overcast and cool

Love & Kisses

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