Saturday, May 26, 2012

Trip around Lake Luzern

So I was faced with a choice of going 4k through a very active tunnel or going a bit longer way around the lake.  I went for the longer way.  Nice ride around the lake.  In Luzern I did not try to ride across their fame foot bridge as there might be a local with the tourist jumping to get out of my way.  When I met up with the other route found it was only 36k to my 56 miles taking the other way around.  I did not feel converting the 36k to miles would make me happy.  Road a bit more to find a camp ground.
70.1 miles, 7:54 minutes moving, Max Speed 47.1, Moving Average 8.9, 
 Stop Time 3:45, Overall Average Speed 6.0,   Start 09:30 and 21:00  Accent 2821 Feet  Another sunny day

Love & Kisses

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