Friday, May 18, 2012


Up and off at 8.  It was cool riding for the first six miles as I head down to the next valley.  As I headed up the bike trail towards the pass I see a sunny warm bench.  I was on it like a lizard sucking in the warmth and reading a book.  An hour later two girls come down the path and stop to say hi.  They were at the slide show the night before.  Time to move on I am being recognized.  So it is up to the top of another pass.  It is not getting easier.   There is the marmot gang waiting to get a hold of my sweaty tee shirt to line their den.  In Carina I change out my cassette to my climbing one with two more teeth.  For the bike geeks I went from 11-34 to a 12-36 9-speed.

33.2 miles, 5:04 minutes moving, Max Speed 34.2, Moving Average 6.5, 
 Stop Time 5:40, Overall Average Speed 3.1,   Start 8:30 and 19:30  Accent 3124 Feet  Clear and cool

Love & Kisses

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