Thursday, May 10, 2012

Adriatic Sea

Today I am cruising the Adriatic Sea looking at beaches being prepared for the on slot of tourist.  There is line after line of umbrella stands.  Volley ball to rope courses.  Of coarse it is hard to see the sea past the endless hotels.  Rivers kept sending me inland looking for a bridge.  It is easy riding and stop 6 at a youth hostel.  This is my first solid roof to sleep under with power and the Internet.  At dinner the waiter was sad when all I order was gorgonzola omelet.  When the omelet was finished and I ask for pasta then the treats showed up as the omelet was just a starter.  Life is good.  You can eat croissants and loose weight.
Ravenna Youth Hostel
42.0 Miles, 4.33 minutes moving, Max Speed 19.0,  Moving Average 9.2,  Stop Time 4:04, Overall Average Speed 4.9,   Start 9:30 and 18:00  Accent 197 Feet  Sunny warm day in the 80ies

Love & Kisses

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