Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Into the Dolomites

I got a late start due to uploading pictures to some blog.  The Dolomites were to the east so that was the way I was going.  The Dolomites were clear with just patches of snow.  The narrow valley was shared with an autobahn, secondary road, train, river and a bike path.  I got distracted and found that my turn off up the hills was 3 miles behind me.  I did see a short cut up to the road I wanted.  It was a very vertical road with switchbacks up the side of the canyon.  The view was great when I made it to the top.  It was not much further to a camp ground with my own hill and a great view of the Dolomites.  Cook my first dinner as I finally bought a fuel canister earlier in the day.  Things changed during dinner.  A large van of Hungarians moved in.  They brought alcohol so I was well bribed into giving up my private hill.  Heavy rain that had been building let loose and it rained all night. 
20.9 miles, 3:41 minutes moving, Max Speed 23.2, Moving Average 5.6, 
 Stop Time 3:47, Overall Average Speed 2.8,   Start 10:30 and 18:00 Accent 2100 Feet  Clear in the morning with clouds building with rain all night.

Love & Kisses

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