Thursday, May 17, 2012

More Dolomites

Sleep in as I could and it being cold outside.  I was back to working my way around to the other road.  There was only a little snow in parts on the road.  Then I got to the road I wanted and an easy ride into town.  Resupplied my food incase I wild camped again and was heading up the next pass.  This one seamed easier.  Yesterdays training paid off.  Sun was out but it was still a bit cool.  The map I was using showed an interesting route over 4 passes.  Looking at it more carefully as some of the lines were really straight I saw that all the uphill was done on lifts and gondolas.  To bad the lifts were not running.  80k all downhill, it would be fun in the winter also.  I need to bundle up as I headed down the other side.  Checking at the tourist information office I found out the camping was closed in town.  The next camping was 12K away.  I pushed on.  Then I was stopped and asked questions about my trip by a guy standing by the road.  He then invited me to his place to spend the night.  It took me a minute to except as I was not expecting it and was in the mode to push on.  So after going to Marco’s home at his hotel I got cleaned up as there were plans.  We were off to pick up friends at their hotel which was closed also being between seasons.  We had some pizza for dinner and of to see some pictures that were taken in Philippines, Morocco, and Tibet/China.  It turned out to be a short slide show.  We then had a round of drinks and off bed.  Wow a real bed. 
20.1 miles, 3:26 minutes moving, Max Speed 31.5, Moving Average 5.6, 
 Stop Time 2.38, Overall Average Speed 3.2,   Start 9:30 and 17:00  Accent 2400 Feet  Sunny and cool

Love & Kisses

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