Thursday, March 16, 2023

Colombia 3-16-2023


Another early morning ride with the trucks out of town.  We are crossing swamp land and have no bug issues.  Good views from large bridges.  Still warm and we feel the heat.  We leave the main road to take a dirt road that has less traffic.  It gets a little dusty when vehicle pass.  Our dirt road is on the other side the river from the town we are heading too.  So we take a boat ride across the river and end the ride sitting in rocking chairs looking over the river.  It is nice relaxing in an old colonial town.  

The next day we are traveling the highway again across the swamp land.  

So where is the swimming hole

Another day and we are out of the swamp land and looking at the foot hills of the Andes.  We are on the Highway 45 which skirts the mountains as we head due south for some days in the heat.  Only interesting thing we see it a troop of monkeys in some trees.  It is a grind and the heat is still warming us.  We try to find hotels away from the main highway and the continuous flow of trucks.  

We are finally at San Alberto we turn onto we turn on to 45A which winds into the hills.  It is still hot and we have lost our nice shoulder as we spend the day climbing to Giron.  We have started the climbs doing 32.8 mile and gained 3160 feet for the first day.  Giron has a nice historic center. 



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