Thursday, June 6, 2019

6/6/2019 Preikestolen


Early start on the hiking trail.  Don’t slow to get pictures.  I reach Preikestolen with few people and no clouds to block the view.  Preikestolen is 600m above the fjord.  Great view and I listen to the thunder in the distance.  As I hike back the 3 miles thunder and lightning moves in.  I work my way past one bus load of people after another hiking in.  The weather does not seem to bother them.  They appear to want to stand on top of granite cliffs in a thunder storm.  Their hike was on their schedule so don’t worry about the weather.  I hike quickly down the trail.  Haul the bike and gear down to the road and back down to coast.  Resupply before heading back inland and east.

Love and Kisses


Distance 30.2 Miles / Total Time 11:27 / Time of Day 22:28 / Average Moving Speed 6.7 / Average Speed 2.6 / Moving Time 4:29 / Stop Time 6:59 / Max Speed 28.9 / Temperature 59F / Max Temp 75F / Min Temp 54F / Ascent 2191 ft / Current Elevation 714 ft / Max Elevation 1062 ft /

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