Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sept 8 2016

Sept 8 2016
On the road at eight.  Yes I finally got an early start.  Rain is coming.  As I head over the hills the rain and wind came at me.  Sleet hit my face and the bike was stopped again and again by wind gusts. Finally I took refuge by a small building for shelter.  The wind and rain were continuing and I was getting cold so I hid in my tent using the build to keep most of the wind off the tent.  A couple of hours latter the wind calmed a little so I pushed on.  At the next fjord did not go to town but headed for the tunnel.  6k of dry and no wind.  Would have enjoyed setting up camp in the tunnel.  The monoxide poisoning would not be that bad.  Next town campsite had trees and a protected spot for my tent.  Dried my stuff in one of the showers as it had a good heater and my boots when wet keep people away.  I with I could be away from them myself.  More rain I predicted for a good number of days.
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