Monday, October 2, 2017


I get an early start.  It is cool with frost on the ground.  That maybe why my fingers keep going numb with cold.  It is up hill.  I pass a monastery but they are holding a service so I dont go in.  The road keeps getting smaller.  Then the road is grass as I near the pass.  A couple of large sheep dogs come after me and only a couple of stones in their direction chased them off.  I find a little better road on the other side of the pass.  I am in the wrong valley but the road should take me to the correct road.  Going through a flock of sheep wondering where the dogs are?  As I get to the other side of the flock the six sleeping dogs awake.  The shepherd calls the dogs off me. As I come to the road I should have been on I seea fortress church.  It was closed.  I was looking at riding 130k to Brasov today and I am way behind if I want to arrive before dark.  I ride on and pass another fortress church.  At mid afternoon I reach Fagaras which has a fortress.  I go to the campground just outside the town.  It is closed for the season but I can stay for free.  I go back to the fortress and find it is closed on Mondays.  So tomorrow I will go.
Love and kisses


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