Sunday, August 5, 2018


Late start and knock the slugs off my ten. There can be only one slug on this trip and I do not want to give up the starring role.  Back over the road I traveled yesterday.  This time I go over the pass and down the other side. I see a nice wide trail but it is blocked off as it is being worked on.  Lower down I am able to ride it.  It is steep in a positive direction and I ride my brakes.  As always I wonder who believes loose gravel is needed on trails.  I’ll stick to the road going the other direction up.  At Fort Augustus I follow the canal.  See a nice spot and camp early.  Rain was predicted and it is nice to be a head of the weather.  Once again I forgot to check the internet while in town.  The need to be connected is fading.
Love and kisses

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