Tuesday, December 8, 2009

San Carlos

I just arrived in San Carlos, Nicaragua. I am about to head down Rio San Juan and do not think there will be internet until I get to Blue Fields in a few days. There is one part from San Juan del Nicaragua to Blue Fields that I need to hitch a ride on a boat as there is no normal ferries or transport. Standing on the pier showing some leg with me sticking out my thumb may not be the best idea. Was on a all night ferry to get here last night and found a bench to sleep on as the deck was getting very wet. While waiting for internet to open I just had a 16 year old girl trying to get friendly with her sisters kid in hand. It was slow looking up words in the phrase book. It took minutes to find one word. Finally found the phrases to get her age and ask her what she was doing. She found the need to move on soon after those questions. I found an open internet cafe and was happy. Yes, a computer once again won out in my love life. Will try to get some
pictures up soon, but I need to catch a boat heading down river through the jungle. Need a copy of the ¨Heart of ¨Darkness¨ for this river trip. And where is that bug spray. Just figured out I am low on cordobas and there is no ATM in town with the towns down river having even less to offer. Hope they take dollars.
Love & Kisses

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