Friday, December 25, 2009

Little Corn Island

The hotel and the dive company did not have the deal that I came for. After showing them the email from the owner in the morning the deal was on. $300 for five nights stay and 10 dives which was a good deal. Diving was ok as the wind was reducing the visibility to 50 feet. Did not get to the better sites due to weather and went to the same 3 sites. Did have a good storm on the second morning which caused the visibility to less than 10 feet. My first dive for that day ended after 3 minutes as the conditions sucked. No diving was available for the next two days till the water cleared. Got to see all the sights of the 2k island on the first day. Even climbed the lighthouse tower for a view of the island. People and dogs were very friendly. Dogs on the mainland are skinny and afraid to be within kicking range. Went for some fresh coconut where I saw the locals collecting coconuts the day before. They were not there, but I came to a shack on the beach and asked the lady there about the coconuts. She woke her boy friend who got his pole to get the coconut. I got to carry the machete. I have gotten used to shaking hands with big guys carrying machetes. Was served coconut right off the tree and they were good. Liked the islands and the people there. Did need to change hotels when my deal ran out. Never stayed in a pink hotel before, it was the lobster hotel, but it was pink to me. Oh the fish and lobster dinners were the same price. Will let the dive pictures tell of the dive.
Love & Kisses

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