Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Boats, planes and buses.

Ask where the Corn Island came from as I see no corn. I got a long explanation that Little Corn Island was skull island. This was due to pirates marooning people here and they did not figure out how to get the coconuts from the trees. As to corn that was lost in the long tail. Internet was non existent on little corn when up or I could have paid $1 for five minutes. I cannot type that fast so I went without.

From Little Corn Island I picked up the traveling pace. Left the pink hotel for the 7 am panga to Corn Island. It rained hard most of the way and the crew provide plastic sheet which I got to hold down as I had a side seat. Then a plane to Blue Fields which I departed by boat. After
a couple hour boat ride up
river I arrived at El Rama. All the buses leave around 7 pm for Managua. Arrived after midnight then shared a ride with some french they were going to the same hotel. The night watchman informed us there no rooms available. A Christmas story. I look up at the porch with hammocks and negotiate one for myself. The French go for the same deal. I got to stop showing up in capitals after dark as the book highly does not recommend it.
Love & Kisses

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