Saturday, January 30, 2010

Market Day

Got to Chichicastenango the night before market day. The vendors carry the poles in for there stalls the night before. There is a market twice a week which is setup and then taken down at the end of the market. Trip is starting to wind down so time to shop.

There is a mixture of old and new religion with a alter outside of town on a hill and the steps of the churches used as pyramid with an alter. Names are change to protect themselves as in the story of old and new Jesus. New Jesus pissed off old Jesus so he bumped off new Jesus. Mom "Virgin Mary" banishes old Jesus to a mountain top, which he escapes to become the sun. Virgin Mary becomes the moon. The cross is a old Mayan symbol for the four points (Sun, Moon, Earth and People). So seeing crosses at sacred sights I am not sure whether it is the old or the new religion being recognized. When the Mayans sacrifice chickens at an ancient alter stone on a hilltop is it old testament or remembering the good old Mayan days.

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