Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Next morning headed off to Antigua for Christmas. Antigua is a tourist town which meant it was open on Christmas. Did find a candy shop named Hansel and Gretel. Went in and the little old lady had a great smile. I backed out of the store. Where are those bread crumbs. While there took a tour up Volcan Pacaya. Ended up with a large tour group which was with a required guide. The group had to stay together and there were some that normally walking a block could be a challenge. It was slow going, but as sunset was getting to peak I zipped of to the top and let the group catch up with me after dark. The peak has flows of lava coming out of it and you can get as close as you would like. You are standing on lava that is only a few days old as you approach the flow streams of lava. In the cracks below your feet you can see it still glowing. When you smell rubber burning it is time to move. I wonder it the warranty on my boots cover

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