Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Years

Stuck around Flores for the new year. Eating and drinking was done till midnight. Then the fireworks started. At 1:00 AM the 12 piece band started playing in the plaza. I lasted ti only 3 am or so. The band played till dawn. Was up at 8 and went to try to get a mini bus to Belize. The mini bus parking lot only had 3 mini buses going to different
locations. It took 2 hours to get the mini bus filled enough for the driver to leave for the border. Got to the border fast as there were not to many stops along the way. The Guatemalan immigration tried to charge me three dollars to leave the country. I disagreed and after standing there for half a minute he returned my passport stamped for departure. The first town in Belize was three kilometers so I walked. Then headed through town to get the bus. The bus was not leaving for an hour so I walked another kilometer to the Mayan ruin up the road. Everyone is talking to me in English it is strange. After the ferry ride I got a ride to the ruins a mile up the side road. They were small with one nice pyramid which I climbed in the rain. The rain makes the ruins slick. So caution is needed on the steps as there is no handrail. Giving up on waiting for the rain to slow I hiked out to
the ferry and the main road. Only after an hour a bus cam and got me to San Ignacio. Find a small family run hotel and the owner offer to drive me the mile and half to the ruins on the edge of town as evening approaches. They are still open and it is another smaller ruin. From the pyramid I cannot see through the trees. On the way down I slip and bounce down a number of steps. Only hurt my pride and It might be rough on the bus seat tomorrow.
Love and Kisses

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