Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Next day I get a early start to Leon. I missed the gallery there that I want to see. Third time to the same busy hostel and I get the same bed for the third time. Gallery does not disappoint as there small collection of masters you can breath on as there is no guard or line to keep you from them. They do come by to turn on and of the lights for the rooms you are in. I even enjoyed a good bit of the modern art. Next day I
am off to Honduras and make it to ??? just after dark. Then hope an early morning bus to El Salvidor. there I went into the mountains to visit a museum run by the opposition in the last conflict. Out back is the helicopter parts from a notorious battalion commander. The opposition ridge a fake antenna for there radio station with explosives. This brought down the aircraft. It reminded me of when working fires some helicopter companies offered winter work. Of coarse
there aircraft's fire extinguisher was inspected in El Salvidor and there was a bullet hole in the tail section. There mechanic was a colonial in the south Vietnamese army. I am glad I declined the work. Then on to San Miguel. Next day off to El Salvidor's best ruins. Concrete with no art work and you can not climb it. If this was the best I am glad I could not find the minor ruins in the morning.

So I pushed on from El Salvidor ending up walking across the border to Guatemala at sunset. Looking for a ride on the Guatemala side the guide book noted that the border crossing should be done during daylight. It also noted that Guatemala City had some issues as 10 people dying from gun violence a day at the printing of the book and caution should be taken during the day and taxis should be taken at night even for a few block travel. Only an hour wait before getting a bus to the Guatemala City. At the bus stop took a cab how acted like he knew where the hotel was. Then sitting in the cab I realized he did not know where the hotel was and all the other cabs had gone. There was a phone number for the hotel in the book so I had the driver call the hotel got directions, which worked. Form the hotel went looking for food which I had seen from the cab looking for the hotel. Only a couple of blocks walk. The taqueria had only one guy as
security out front with a shotgun. Walking back to my dorm room heard some some nice music from a small bar with a couple dancing. It was a nice place so I had a number of beers. When the guy who was dancing earlier with a girl sat on my knee and put his hand on my other leg. I told him down boy and asked a girl sitting at the bar for help. She had a lovely laugh, but was no help. Time to go, but the bar bill was larger than expected and they could not handle a large bill. So I went across the street to the ATM for cash (another thing not recommended). Payed the bill and headed back toe the hotel. Only had a couple of girls offer to share my bed as I kept a careful eye out for problems along the way. My luck is holding.

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