Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Tikal is one of the better known ruins and you can climb the pyramids. Much of the ruins you travel on jungle trails. Got a early start to beat the tour buses. It was raining with thick clouds. Climb my first pyramid but I could not see across the plaza due to the clouds. I got up at 4 am to miss the crowds and I cannot see them or the plaza due to fog. Later the cloud lifted enough to see the other pyramids so I re climb them.
Then in the afternoon the rains cleared the clouds enough to see out across the jungle so up I went up again the pyramids. They do not let you climb the pyramid steps to stand on the top, but provide ladders and stairs. Saw a few people near the top of the ladders loosing it and creeping back down with death grips on the latter. There was lots to explore and I even found some neat stuff off the main trails. With the re climbing of the pyramids it took all day to explores the sigh. I will let the pictures tell more of the place.
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