Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Then I headed up to Panajahel at Lago de Atitlan. It was way to touristy with a new age feel and lots of gringo selling stuff in street stalls. I moved on as the other towns around the lake sounded even more tourist and new age oriented. So the next bus out of town got me to Chimaltenango. It was market day and the town was full of street stalls. The steps leading up to the church was an alter where incense and small offering were left. The old religion is still prominent here and the steps are considered the same as the pyramids. Spent the night in Santa Crus del Quiche. Town was loaded with fireworks for sale. Just thought it would be trouble strapping them on the outside of my pack. Fireworks are a regular occurrence and I can sleep through them. I don´t even look anymore when they go off. Next day cruised and bounced through the high lands in mini buses. Have new rules for mini buses
1) get a real seat.
2) Do not sit next to small children as they puke.
The views of the highland were great accented by the guy next to me cover in puke from the kid next to him on the other side. Next day got the front seat in the first mini bus from Coban. Open my windows wide along with the driver when we smelled the puke. The rules worked. After three mini vans and one river crossing I was in Flores. A touristy island town, but not to bad and is a good jumping off point to see Tikal.
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