Monday, April 30, 2018

Iceland 4/30/2018

Put bits back on the bike. Repack the bags from fight mode to riding and balanced. At eight I am ready to ride. At 47 degrees in the bike pit I look at the snow coming down and think Costa del Sol is warm and sunny. I have a bike box and at the airport. I could be in a warm country.  I ride into the snow with the mittens on and most of my warm cloths.
I ride the bike path to town a couple kilometers away. There I get money and food. I have had just one apple since yesterday morning.
Temp at 41 as I get down to riding. No sleep and starting at my midnight my time. Near six AM my time and noon local I pickup food to camp for the night. It is only three more miles to go. On the rough road the eggs fall off and I ride over them. One survives of my main dinner item. New tent sets up quickly. I find I forgot to get fuel and lighter. Egg is useless as I dine on fresh bread and cheese.

Fall asleep writing down stats from the GPS. 31 miles/45k. Sleep comes easily as I see bits of blue sky.
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