Tuesday, May 1, 2018


May Day
At eight I am up with only 18 hour sleep. 33 degrees. At 10 and 36 degrees I am riding. Need fire for food so off to store. Bonus store does not open till 11. I go off to the tourist office in the heart of Reykjavik. Pass a little kid with bike problems. Fixed the bike chain and the kid is riding again. Tourist office moved, so I found it after a bit. Keep getting snowed on then sunshine. Temp is up to 37 degrees. Holiday and political rallies. The best was a lady speaking at a podium out on the street and against the wall was a sign saying “do you miss me yet”. She was alone with no one listening, so I assume no one is missing this old candidate. Normally I avoid election and campaigns in foreign countries as bombing and other things happen as other work for different political results.

I buy lots of food. This time I remember gas and lighter. At 4:30 I remember that all I have had to eat is a few cookies in the morning. Falafel sandwich sets me right. Finally am leaving metropolitan Reykjavik at six. Come across a bike service station at the edge of town. My rear tire I was thing was low after adding more food on the bike. I stop and bring the tire to 3 bars. Smoother riding.
New pave path goes three miles out of town. Then I am on the road. I look up at where I camp last trip and see it is well above snow line. I will be finding a lower camp. Going into the interior highlands could get ugly. Camp by a small river and have birds call around my tent in the dark. Did 45.7 miles not bad for day two. Getting in 12 training rides instead of 6 does seem to help. Just wish they would have let me ride in the velodrome with my bike.

Love & kisses

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