Friday, May 25, 2018


Ice came from up there
As I ride the old cost road I see large chunks of ice in the road.   I look up and see far up on the mountain where the ice came from.  As I take pictures I hear movement above.  It is a small rock rolling down. I finish quickly and move on.  Cruise ship is at Ísafjörður doubling the population.  Hordes of tourist have maps in hand wandering through this small town looking like they are on a scavenger hunt.  I watch these tourist look through home windows and take pictures.  The tourist are desperate to find Icelandic culture with most building fairly modern. I restock supplies and head out.

Ice on the road
Stopping to take a picture I hear a rock falling.  I decide not to take a picture of the bolder falling above me, but to start moving the bike.  I keep watching the bolder as I push the bike away and see it bounce more in my direction.  Then it stops somehow on the steep slope.   I scan the upper slopes to see if I can see what cause the bolder to move.  I don’t see anything that would have start the bolder moving.  I think it is best to get riding on as I pay more attention to the slopes above.
In the next fjord I pass thorough the old village that was half buried by a snow avalanche and the new town where many of the survivors moved to.  Moving the village seems best to avoid further avalanches.
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Fish drying sheds

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