Sunday, May 6, 2018


Short cut is out there

Glad I stopped in the trees as I climb the hill into the wind and at times snow pellets. Snow here does not float down gently. Things did not dry as the woods were damp, but restful. It takes over 2 hours to go 9 miles. Wind and snow storms take their toll. Then turning north I am both fighting the southeast wind. Going through a park I have some wind protection from short tree. The park campground that is open is next to a highway and a windswept field. I go north past the impassable sign in the middle of the road. The pass ahead is marked 260 on the map and that is about snow line. No cars and I have the road to myself. I am going along the border between European and American plates. There are big cracks in the earth. At the pass I find snow and snow drifts. Off the other side of the pass the snow does not stop. Parts of the road shows through others have snow drifts. I push some. I ride some.  As I look at the map I notice that the turnoff I planned to is to avoid the highest road in Iceland 720m has a number by it. Looks like I will be facing a 420m pass. I hope the wind turns before I get to that part. As the sun sets over the ridge I near the junction where I would turn. I look out across the white expanse and see the short cut road F338 from where I was two days ago. It is hard to make out under the snow. After a little looking I found a spot protected a bit from the wind. Big rocks are close at hand to keep the tent from shifting. Boots are wet inside.
Love and kisses

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