Saturday, May 19, 2018


Wind is with me as I ride 13k into town.  I resupply at high prices in this town.  As I head out of town I now face the wind and it stops me with gusts.  I push and pedal where I can.  The road and valley turn and the wind is worst.  Ice pellets whip me and I am happy for the face mask.  Summit is brutal and until I am going down steeply can I ride.  Rain increases as I go down.  The other side of the fjord disappears from the rain and ice coming down.  I put my helmet into it and continue to look at the next ten feet in front of me.  Gloves are soaked through the outer mittens and the water level in the boot comes up.  I find my seat cover is gone and the wind has taken it away.  My spare gets blown off twice and I accept the leather saddle getting wet as I put the spare saddle cover away.  After some searching I set up camp next to the road, in a protected spot from the wind.  I cannot go for the next taller pass with higher winds with my finger soaked and starting to freeze.  It is a bit of a challenging day.  After dinner I fall asleep fast and the sound of cars don’t bother me.
Love and kisses

Wind 16 meters per second gust 18 temp 2C

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