Monday, May 7, 2018


Off at 11 with oats and cranberries in my belly.  I look up the hill a kilometer away at a rescue shelter.  An orange structure in a sea of white for stranded travelers. I turn west well before the shelter.  I do a little riding and much pushing up the hills to the pass. Snow drifts and wind whipping beads of snow in my face slow my going.  At the top I see another ridge to ahead.  Not going to head down an find snow free roads yet. I push on. The next ridge I climb allows me to see the next ridge, but there are fresh footprints in the snow. I am not alone out here. The pair of foot prints let me gage the snow drifts depths making it a bit faster going.  Another kilometer and car tracks so snow drifts are no problem to push through. I look ahead and see white bottom before they squat behind a rock. One should look about the white empty land before drop ones pants.  I shortly catch up to the SUV stuck in a ditch. They look like they some fun being stuck on one side and then the other. Snow tells all. They have help coming.  A hundred meters later road is clear for riding. My pushing is over. Only 6 hours of pushing. I glide down the valley. At the head of the valley I go south around Borgarfjordur a fjord and into Borgarnes to resupply. I find I made it to the stores with 15 minutes before closing. With a glance at the town camp ground next to the highway I push on.  Rain continues.   At 11 I have arrived at my camping spot and set camp up in the rain.
Love and kisses

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