Thursday, May 24, 2018


Short ride into town past rock slide, boulders and washed away road.   I see why they went with a tunnel.  I look for the library to write   It is open for two hours a day. I find a place at the gas station / grill.  They are friendly and have internet and a plug.  I see my new camera has been taking multiple pictures each time I push the shutter button.  It has over a thousand pictures for the four days I used it.  It does help when taking pics of the Fox as it gives me a selection as the fox moves head and body.  Even more pictures on my main camera.  I quickly try to select pictures for the blog.   I feel cold too many snow pictures.  As it grows late I am off to camp in the rain.  I plan more blog to write for tomorrow.   Gentle waves lull me to sleep as seagulls argue on the other side from their roost.
Love and kisses

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