Monday, May 21, 2018


Blue skies and a 9 o’clock start.  Wind is very light as I climb.  Where is the solar panel?  I look at the back of my bike and do not see the solar panel.  I last remember seeing it as I placed it next to a rock while I packed.  I decided to short cut back to camp walking and avoiding the switchback.  This takes me through thick brush that is over my head.  I start thinking I should have checked the GPS to see how far it was back to camp.  I work my way through the thicket and find the solar panel where I left it.  Returning took a better route and avoider brush.  I check the GPS at the bike and see the camp was a mile as the crow flies.  Now I ride up to the high country.  It is a long ride across the high country going around a fjord.  Light clouds build but the weather is sunny.  Finally come down to the fjord. There is a large waterfall with lots of smaller falls below.  They even allow camp there for hikers and bikers.  The area of course is between buses and the 100 foot waddle to the toilet. I decide easily not to be entertainment for the tourist as many like to see into tent.  I ride around the fjord and find a nice grass spots hidden from the road.  I just needed to evict the swans.  The swans left me many gifts which made tent placement tricky.
Love and kisses

I camped on that hill out there last trip


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